Seadog Baltimore cruise routes

Seadog Baltimore Cruise Route

The Seadog Inner Harbor tour will combine an entertaining narrated tour with unbelievable views in a fun boat ride.

Seadog will depart from Baltimore’s Inner Harbor heading Southeast towards Fort Carroll. You will have a great time with our fun and humorous crew.

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The Inner Harbor

Baltimore’s historic Inner Harbor is a treasured landmark in the city of Baltimore, recognized in 2009 as a model example of “post- industrial waterfront redevelopment.” Baltimore’s waterfront is home to notable architecture, entertainment venues and attractions.


Maryland Science Center

Opened in 1976, Maryland Science Center was one of the first establishments in the effort to revitalize the Baltimore waterfront, and is one of the Inner Harbor’s most prominent destinations. The center hosts eight permanent exhibitions and has been named the “Best Place to Take Kids” in Baltimore.


Pride Mast Memorial

Pride Mast Memorial is a replica of the original Pride of Baltimore, a 19th century topsail schooner which capsized and sank in a freak squall north of Puerto Rico in 1986. The vessel has since been replaced with the Pride of Baltimore II, serving proudly as a Goodwill Ambassador for the city.


Federal Hill

The Federal Hill neighborhood forms the south border of the Inner Harbor and can be seen prominently from the water. The district itself is listed on the National Register of Historic Places for its many historically significant sites and structures.


Fort Mchenry

Fort McHenry is perhaps best known as the site where American forces successfully defended Baltimore against the British during the War of 1812, a feat which inspired the writing of a poem that would become the Star Spangled Banner.


Francis Scott Key Bridge

Named for the writer of the American national anthem, the Francis Scott Key Bridge spans more than 1,200 feet across the Patapsco River.


John W. Brown

One of two remaining Liberty Ships, the SS John W. Brown was originally built at the Key Highway Shipyard, and used to take cargo and materials to Europe during World War II.



Canton is an example of the extraordinary renaissance that has taken place in Baltimore, with historic buildings being repurposed to become renovated homes, offices and a series of widely visited restaurants, clubs, boutiques and galleries.


Fells Point

Fells Point is a hub of activity for merchants and traders. A historic waterfront neighborhood established in the 18th century, the community has become a popular tourist destination in recent history due to its charm and diversity.


Living Classrooms Building

The Living Classrooms are housed within the oldest standing brick building in Baltimore, made with unconventionally round corners. The Dutch builders who created the structure believed evil spirits couldn’t hide behind round corners.


National Aquarium

The National Aquarium building holds one million gallons of water in addition to many tropical plants and animals. Their Marine Mammal Pavilion features trained whales and dolphin shows.


Lightship Chesapeake

Since 1820, several lightships have served at the Chesapeake lightship station and have been called Chesapeake. The current Lightship Chesapeake has been stationed at the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay for more than 40 years, guiding ships and sailors into the Bay.